Nutrition Consultation

We know that each person is unique and that’s why we offer nutrition consultation and customized meal planning

In our nutrition consultation sessions we want to get to know you better to make the best choices for your health and target. After getting to know your health and dietary requirements we work out a personally customized meal plan for, which supports you to reach your target and to helps you to keep on track in a longer run.

We motivate and educate you, to make better choices for you health without giving up all things that you love in life, because we want to create healthy habits, not restrictions.

Online Nutrition & Fitness consultation

The Nutrition consultations are focused on improving healthier eating habits and general fitness. Your 1 -2 -1 appointments with Melanie will involve an initial dietary analysis and food diary exercise to provide useful guidance of healthy eating, lifestyle balance and exercise prescription. With Melanie’s personalized support and guidance you will achieve a balanced and energizing diet on long term.

After your personal fitness consultation, your exercise program session will include full prescription, demonstration and delivery of a personalized exercise routine for you to follow at home or at the gym. Your program will be built around your goals maximizing the chance to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Nutrition Consultation Prices

  • Fitness/Nutrition consultation 1 000 000 IDR
  • Fitness/Nutrition consultation + meal planning 1 500 000 IDR
  • Nutrition & fitness consultation + meal & fitness planning 2 000 000 IDR

Online Nutrition Consultation Prices

  • 100 USD per hour